Dear all,

we have found a major issue that has been causing our 2 latest updates to not function properly. This is an issue that has been effecting only the NG version we have here (making the NG version is always trickier than working on our main version available on our website). Anyway, the issue should be solved but in order to view the new version we advise everyone to clear your chaced files before playing the game again.

We apologize for the inconvenience and we hope that you will like the properly functioning version as it grants access to all the actual new content.


Hi all,

We have just posted a poll in regards to our game The Legend of Lust and more speciafically asking which realm (Human kingdom, fantasy land, beast kingdom, fairy forest etc etc) people would like to see first.

Our Patrons have already started voting and in the coming days we will have an idea of where we should direct our efforts in the future.

So yeah, the game keeps proceeding well, we are working our asses off and since we now have a slightly bigger team thanks to the kind contributions of the online community, we expect to be able to roll out a pretty big update, or as we call it, installment 2, in the coming months. As always, while we work on installment 2, we will continue releasing new content on a monthly basis.

Thanks to all our fans and supporters, you are great!

Cheers ;)


Dear all,

we have just released our latest update to our game: The Legend of LUST

It features a lot of new content and features including: the frst "evolution", the 1st "boss battle", the brand new and much awaited sex scene "Hottie ride".

See if you can figure out how to beat Hottie at the Fire Lake and remember to look for some "secret hotspots" in the new sex scene as well.

Cheers ;)

The legend of LUST - 1st Steps update

2017-03-31 10:00:11 by PGSPOTSTUDIOS


Dear all,

we are glad to let you know that we have released the new update for our game the Legend of LUST. Unfortunately though, the arrow movement keys, for some reason, do not work on Newgrounds and therefore, we have unpublished the game from this platform... we hope that this problem will be solved and that we may publish the latest update here as well. For the moment you are welcome to come and play it on our website. If anyone is aware of why the arrow keys would work fine on our website and not here please let us know.


Demon Sentry

2017-03-15 09:25:42 by PGSPOTSTUDIOS

The legend of LUST - Demon Sentry
part of the coming update

PGSS Demon Sentry

The Legend of Lust - the Final Trial update is out!

You may view it here on NG or on our website

We hope you enjoy it.

Best ;)

Updates - Happy 2017!

2017-01-07 05:03:04 by PGSPOTSTUDIOS

Hello everyone and happy 2017!!!

We are back and we hope that you all had a good holiday.

So here are some updates on what is going on.

We are working on the 1st update for "the Legend of LUST" and we will be releasing it this month.
As anticipated, this 1st update will mainly serve to fix bugs, many of which have been kindly pointed out by some of you. This said, it will also feature some new content such as the final trial battle.

Our new developer seems to have been a good choice so far and he has started helping us out with production. We would like to point out that we are only able to pay him thanks to the generous contributions of or Patrons.

To our beta testers. You will receive a file to test probably in the second week of January. Once you have tested it we will fix it up and prepare the release of the 1st update.

Looking at the future... if we are able to reach our next goal on Patron, we will hire another professional to help us out. This would surely make thing easier and allow us to speed up production.

That is all for the moment, we wish you a great start this new year and thank you all for your support! 

Dear all,
here is a little something extra that we have done in secret ;P

PGSS XXXmas Card 2016

We hope that you will enjoy it.

This has been a very special year for us as we started this enterprise/adventure of our. After a year of hard work, this last month, we have received a great amount of support from you all. We are sincerely grateful to all those of you that have decided to support our work.

As of after this post, we will be going on holiday and we will be back online on the 3rd of January.

We wish you all the best and we hope that you will spend a great holiday with your family and/or friends.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Dear all,

we are finally almost ready to release the extra scene for our game "justGirls". It will be published sometime this week. As most of you know this release will be a token of gratitude to our Patrons which have been growing especially in the last month. It is really great for us as it allows us to invest more in our productions. Just last week we hired a new developer to help out. It would have been impossible to do so without the kind support of so many of you... so this upcoming release... this is for you.

Cheers ;)

Dear all,

our new game "The Legend of LUST" is out and ready to be played!

You may do so on our website

Lets us know what you think!