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The Legend of LUST - Berserker update!

Posted by PGSPOTSTUDIOS - May 9th, 2021

Hello NG community!

Today we are releasing our latest The Legend of LUST update: Berserker!


If you wish to check it out you can download and play it for free below:

The Legend of LUST - PC

The Legend of LUST - MAC

If the download does not start, it could be Chrome blocking it. Right click on the link and open on a new incognito window or try using another browser.

If the game gives issues, a common solution is to run it as Admin.

Update's Main Introductions:

New Enter Code: Limbo

We have a new enter code which will allow you to start right before porting to Limbo for the very 1st time. This code will give you everything that is potentially acquirable up to this point in game. All the upgrades, gear, items, characters, properties, attribute points (Nemury gets only 4 as she is a new character) etc.

Sex Scene: Demon Slut 2nd and final part

With this update we are including the Demon Slut 2nd and final part which can be accessed in the Onyx Cave's main hall.

This part 2 comes with a set of additional animated sequences including a cumshot sequence. It also features complex sound effects, additional options and dialogue lines.

Furthermore, the special edition version accessible from Demon Patron lv comes with a final dialogue teaser pointing at a potential sequel. Should there be a sequel or not will be up to how well this scene is received and Patron votes.

We hope that you will like this newly completed scene.

Sex Scene: Hottie & Berserker

We have a new scene which will come in 2 different formats during gameplay, as well as the ability to replay it. We don't want to give away too much, but it will involve Hottie and a brand new character in some penetration sequences.

Sex Scene / Intro cut-scene: Great Mother & Berserker

This scene is an adult scene which also functions as an intro cut-scene and that features 2 new characters we are introducing with this update. There is penetration as well as a... double up of good things ^^

2 new characters

This update comes with 2 new complex characters. We won't say much about them but, as you have probably already deducted, they are called Great Mother and Berserker. One of which is a new and very powerful acquirable character that you will already be able to add to your party and use in battle.

2 additional cut-scenes

On top of the intro cut-scene mentioned above, we also have another 2 short animated scenes, one functioning as an intro and another functioning as a background which is also where we got the image for the update's cover above.

New battles

The update also comes with 2 new battles that offer a new scale in enemy prowess as now, in Limbo, we commence facing the first seriously strong opponents on a regular basis.

Honorary Team Members

A very special thanks goes to our Honorary Team Members.

Jayson Vazquez


Trenton Wardman

Many thanks for your support people! Much appreciated ^^

We hope that you will all enjoy this new update. A big sincere thank you to all those supporting our work for making this project possible and progressing on a monthly basis.

Enjoy ;)