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Hello NG community,

we have just released a new update for our game The Legend of LUST!

The 4 Elements update is quite rich in new content. From new battles to new characters, 2 new sex scenes, brand new item type (which we will expand in the next update), battle system upgrade and new skills, new locations and dialogues, new visual and sound effects, a brand new addition to the soundtrack and more.

You can download the new game's build below:

The Legend of LUST - The 4 Elements update

This latest update in more detail

New Sex Scene - Hell Map Intro to the 1st Circle of Hell - Limbo

This new scene can be viewed via the Hell Map found by clicking on the cauldron of the Spawning Den Main Hall.

This scene has a great focus on the new girl's breast, which is quite generous. The vibe is quite different, a different atmosphere to emphasize a new Circle, a palette tending to purple bluish and pink shades and a brand new track.

The new girl comes with clickable hot spots on her body. Check for new hot spots periodically as new ones generate in response to your actions.

Undress her, activate new dialogues, check out different parts of her body and see what gets bigger when she increases her energy.

A new menu system comprised by two circular sets of round buttons, will also appear and will allow you to control boob movement. Try various combinations of vertical and horizontal clicks for different boob bouncing effects.

With this scene we introduce a brand new Circle of Hell which will be explored in the future. As to when, this mainly depends on coming polls for the War Council Members.

We hope that you will like this new concept and that you will enjoy the scene.

New Sex Scene - Breeze

This new scene is automatically unlocked during the gameplay of this update.

We will avoid giving you the details as you will check it out while playing the update, it is pretty straight forward. We hope that you will enjoy this new... turbulent... scene.

Black Panther - Demon Artifact Evolution

Back Panther can now wear the Demon Artifact and fight in his unique evolved/possessed state. On top of the base stat increases, Black Panther will receive the following unique bonuses:

Dex +4

Max Fatigue +4

Now the Max Fatigue increase is a good bonus for Black Panthers' low fatigue cost Special Attack. In a battle it will allow him to perform his special one additional time.

(Similar to how Ramset works, although Ramset does an AOE attack hitting all opponents while Black Panther does a single target but stronger attack.)

4 New Bosses - 4 New Characters

In this update you will face 4 new Boss battles and encounter 4 new characters of a new type that we are introducing. This is what names this update, relates to the story and gameplay, it also introduces quite a few new things. A new character type as just mentioned but also new skills and new upgrades we have done to the battle system. The 4 new Bosses have their own fighting styles and special perks, different resistances and tactics. You will notice that new things are now possible in battle. The Boss battles will introduce you to new battle features such as skills affecting the state of characters.

New item type

This update sets the stage for the introduction of a brand new feature to the game battle system. The creation of a new item is part of this new upcoming feature. Of this new item type, there are 4 you can collect during this update.

Attributes tweak

We were not happy with the bonuses given by the characters' attribute values.

We tweaked END and INT. Endurance and Intelligence. Up to now every 4 END points resulted in +1 HP and every 4 INT points resulted in +1 MP. We found that the bonus value was too low in comparison to the bonuses offered by the other attributes. We believe this to penalize players that would like to go tank with a character. Therefore, the new values are as follows.

Every 4 END points result in +3 HP

Every 4 INT points result in +3 MP

New locations

All the locations in the Ancient Jungle are now open and functional. The last update ended inside the Ancient Temple when facing what appeared to be some sort of rock statue come to life. Finish the temple storyline and continue onto exploring all the areas in the jungle.

New dialogues

New dialogues have been added. Some of new dialogues are part of the new content and gameplay of the update. Others we have also added to existing areas. For example, Bunny will now display a new dialogue when introducing various areas of the Jungle. 

Cheats & Codes

We have already introduced the Hell Forge crafting and upgrading functions. As well as the mini missions and battles required to acquire the crafting materials. Therefore, to facilitate those of you that have already undergone those tasks and wish to kind of skip to the newer content, we have a cheat to get the materials fast. Get the quest from the Demon Smith in the Onyx Caves and then when you are in the Spawning Den Main Hall hit "A" on your keyboard to get both Shade and Flame materials.

We will introduce a new "Enter Code", the latest being "Bunny", possibly with the upcoming update on which we have already started working and which should conclude the whole Ancient Jungle area of the Beast Kingdom and introduce what is up next. Let's just say that the scenario is about to shift substantially. There will be an extra focus on story line progression as well as a colorful introduction of upcoming and never explored before realms.

Glitch n Fixes.

The upload of the new update will also include a series of fixes to known glitches. Thank you to all of those who have reported the issues. As the game grows and grows, it gets harder to check everything.

We hope that you will enjoy the new update ^^

A big thank you to all those that follow and support our work!

Cheers ;)


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Win a battle without taking any castle damage (battle day 5 and up)

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Spend 100,000 in upgrades

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