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Hello NG community!

we have released a new The Legend of LUST update: The Druids & Fairies update.

For anyone that wishes to play this new update and check out the new content, links are below:

Download links below:

The Legend of LUST - PC

The Legend of LUST - MAC

If this is your first time downloading the game, be sure to read the "RUN_GAME_INSTRUCTIONS.txt" file that comes with the game archive before launching the game.

New Content Notes:

New sex scene: Fairy Pond 2

Fairy Pond 2 will see Hottie joining Lust in the Fairy Pond. Players will now have the option to play both a Lust and Fairies scene as well as a Hottie and Fairies scene featuring some hot lesbian action. This new scene comes with 4 different sub-scenes featuring various fairies: fairy pussy rub on Hottie's nipple, Hottie licking a fairy's whole body, fairy sucking on Hottie's clit and Hottie orgasm. Each sub-scene comes with a zoom in option.

New sex scene: Fairies

This new scene features 5 tiny fairies playing with Lust's member.

Each fairy can be toggled on and off as well as coming with their own set of animations and sound effects.

We have reworked some old models as well as dedicating a lot of time to implementing new graphics and detailed animations.

The game offers a bunch of camera options as well as lighting and background options that will allow players to customize environment and zooming into the various fairies.  This scene will be followed by a second and final part which is already well into production and that will feature highly detailed additions, most notably various cumshot and squirting options.

Circle of Succession mini-mission

With this update we re also releasing a new mini-mission featuring a new area and a new battle. This mini-mission will mark as complete the Gain Druid's support objective.  

Queen Fairy, Boosts and new magic item

In this update players will meet the Fairy Queen. She comes with her own animated area, the Queen's Cove. On top of completing the gain the fairies' support objective, you will also receive some cool gifts. All your characters will receive a boost and you will also acquire a brand new magic item that can be used in battle.  

Druidia demonic evolution and new skill

With this update we complete the full introduction of Druidia as a player controllable character.

She can now use the demon artifact and take her demonic form. The resulting unique boosts aim at increasing her damage output as well as further improving her resilience.

Additionally, Druidia now possesses a new skill that will allow her to cast a heal on herself that will last over time.

With these 2 new introductions, it is safe to say that Druidia is now the most resilient and hard to kill character available.  

Work on past content. Graphics and Settings

We have done some work on past content, both regarding graphics, like the addition of caged fairies in the Forest Troll caverns, and regarding game mechanics. Most notably we did some reworking on some base settings, as well as the settings page itself since not everything was working as it was supposed to. We have also started working on some measures to decrease game requirements while boosting graphic quality.  

Honorary team member

A very special thanks goes to our honorary team member of the month:


Thank you!

That is all the main info regarding the update.

A big thanks to everyone that allowed us to produce yet another update!

Enjoy the new content ;)


Recent Game Medals

595 Points

Aerial Shot 25 Points

Kill someone in air while you are in air.

Victorious 100 Points

Kill the Skeleton King

General 25 Points

Use all warriors in a single battle

Spell Master 25 Points

Use all spells in a single battle

Healing Hand 25 Points

Deploy 10 priestresses in battle

Flawless 50 Points

Win a battle without taking any castle damage (battle day 5 and up)

Stoned 25 Points

Deploy 10 golems in battle

Forge Master 25 Points

Spend 100,000 in upgrades

Sentinel 25 Points

Kill 500 monsters

Defender 10 Points

Kill 100 monsters

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