The Legend of Lust - Realms poll

2017-06-02 14:28:37 by PGSPOTSTUDIOS

Hi all,

We have just posted a poll in regards to our game The Legend of Lust and more speciafically asking which realm (Human kingdom, fantasy land, beast kingdom, fairy forest etc etc) people would like to see first.

Our Patrons have already started voting and in the coming days we will have an idea of where we should direct our efforts in the future.

So yeah, the game keeps proceeding well, we are working our asses off and since we now have a slightly bigger team thanks to the kind contributions of the online community, we expect to be able to roll out a pretty big update, or as we call it, installment 2, in the coming months. As always, while we work on installment 2, we will continue releasing new content on a monthly basis.

Thanks to all our fans and supporters, you are great!

Cheers ;)


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2017-06-05 19:44:36

well I for one Vote BEAST REALM!!!!!!! As If I haven't been asking about it since I first saw the promo. :) lol


Yeah we remember your preference hehe. Did you cast a vote on our official poll? The votes there are the ones we will be counting for future development choices.