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The Legend of LUST - On the Offensive update!

Posted by PGSPOTSTUDIOS - November 28th, 2020

Hello NG community!

The new The Legend of LUST On the Offensive update is out!


For anyone that wishes to play this new update and check out the new content, links are below:

Download links below:

The Legend of LUST - PC

The Legend of LUST - MAC

If this is your first time downloading the game, be sure to read the "RUN_GAME_INSTRUCTIONS.txt" file that comes with the game archive before launching the game.

Update's main features and new content:

New Enter Code: Offensive

Starts the game at the destroyed Rural Village after the dialogue and battle we had there at the end of the last update.

It generates all the acquired items. All the summoning items, Demon artifact, the 2 armors fully upgraded, 3 HP elixirs, 2 MP elixirs, 1 Prototype Vitality elixir, 70 Imperial Sun coins.

Updates the count of essences for Hottie and Lust.

Adds the attribute bonuses we got during the last update: +4 POW to all characters from reading the Necronemicon.

Additionally, it generates in inventory 10 healing plants and it increases the available Attribute points for Druidia to 25.

Sex Scene: Fairy Queen final expansion

This update comes with the 3rd and final expansion for the Fairy Queen's sex scene.

This final expansion features new and detailed cumshot sequences that come with a new set of sound effects. As a Patron you will also have access to an additional cumshot sequence involving Hottie in some cum swapping action.

Additionally, we have also added a new and bigger size option for the Fairy Queen's boobs.

Last but not least, we reworked some of the existing content and fixed some glitches we spotted (E.G. dick miss-placement at the beginning of a sequence).

New intro & main menu background format

As we continue to replace the flash content, this update comes with a new video format for the intro and main menu sequence.

The Elite Team - new characters and cut-scenes

This is one of the core elements of this new update. We invested a great deal of time and resources on this and we also selected it for the update's cover.

We designed 5 new characters coming from different parts of the world. An Elite team of warriors on a suicide mission to stop the Undead threat.

Each character comes with a base model (see cover image above) and a battle cut-scene.

Out of the 5, Frosty Stormstriker is the one we focused on the most and for which we created a more detailed animated cut-scene showcasing her abilities.

New battles

This update will see us charging towards the Black Tower and making our way through a vast number of undead. A lot of battling awaits ahead.

Prep up, get your gear on and select you party members well.

It is time to go on the offensive!

New mini-boss enemy

This new update also comes with a new mini-boss enemy. It has it's own new and unique model as well as skills and battle AI.

Various fixes & additions

We have worked on a bunch of fixes throughout the whole game. We had 6 rounds of test and fix this time around. We fixes the crafting window bug which blocked players from completing the monastery mission and we also got rid of a lot of older minor glitches like: wrong icons, empty objective windows, old repeating dialogues etc.

Additionally, we added a few things here and there like new or more detailed item descriptions like for: healing plants, water, the new Reaper Armor which now displays the actual effects it gives and so on.

Honorary Team Member

A very special thanks goes to our honorary team member:

Jayson Vazquez

Many thanks for your kind support and generous contribution!

We hope that you will all enjoy this new update of the Legend of LUST and thank you for following our work ;)



Comments (1)

Hi, would it be possible to look at options for an auto-updater / update notifier for the download version?

It's not much effort to download a new version every now and then, but I only know about updates if I visit Newgrounds or your website.

Love the game btw!

Mmm. That is a valid point actually. I will pass it on to our main dev and we will discuss the potential implementation of a notification system.
Thank you for the feedback / suggestion
PS just so you know we release a new update monthly.