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The Legend of LUST - Onslaught update!

Posted by PGSPOTSTUDIOS - September 18th, 2020

Hello NG community!

The new The Legend of LUST update is out!

The Onslaught update.

For anyone that wishes to play this new update and check out the new content, links are below:

Download links below:

The Legend of LUST - PC

The Legend of LUST - MAC

If this is your first time downloading the game, be sure to read the "RUN_GAME_INSTRUCTIONS.txt" file that comes with the game archive before launching the game.

Update's main features and new content:

New Enter Code: War

This new enter code will allow you to restart the game at the Fairy Forest with all the local objectives completed, as well as having all the gear, items and characters acquired throughout the game. From here you are ready to march into battle at the Frontlines of the Lost Territories.

Before you go though, don't forget to check out the new Fairy Queen sex scene by clicking on the Queen's giant flower and acquire 2 new Essences.

New Sex Scene: Fairy Queen

Fairy Queen is our newest sex scene which has, and will, be strongly influenced by Patron votes. It features Lust and the Fairy Queen. The main point of attraction here is the particular size of the Fairy Queen. She is not extremely tiny like the other fairies, but she is particularly small in comparison to Lust. This allows for an extremely tight fit and features like massive bugling and stretching as well as cum drench options.

Part 1 comes with two scenes: Foreplay & Penetration (pussy).

- Foreplay sees some boob and face rubbing as well as some messy precum showering.

- Penetration has multiple pussy penetration sequences of varying intensity and depth.

The Queen Fairy can be customized. You can change her boob size, eye color, hair style and in the Penetration scene you will also be able to customize her expressions by modifying her mouth. There are 5 mouth options:

- auto (which runs a sequence of expressions that we have set)

- happy (smiling)

- tight (teeth clenching)

- moan (open mouth)

- slut (orgasmic open mouth with tongue hanging out)

Part 2 will feature:

- Anal Scene + Hottie cumswap (as voted for by Patrons)

- Cumshot

- Sound Effects

- & more

Battle Cinematic Scenes

A big component of this update is the battle against the undead and it comes with a new record breaking amount of cinematic scenes released after a single production cycle.

We wanted to bring to life the horror of such a big battle and therefore, we created a bunch of these scenes to show the fighting on the battlefield and the overall progression of the bloody encounter.

Considering the limited production budget and time, we are quite happy with the finished result and we hope that you will like it as well.

New Battles and Enemies

This update sees us facing the undead on the battlefield. You will be facing multiple adversaries, which will include a brand new enemy type and also a mini boss.

New minigame

This update also comes with a new minigame. We don't want to spoil the story so just know that it is a shooting game.

Store sale

In the last update we introduced stores for the first time and the ability to purchase items. With this update we have also implemented a "Sell" option. You will now be able to sell items to the store in case you need a fast coin or you want to get rid of an item you don't need.

Honorary Team Members

A very special thanks goes to our Honorary Team members for their generous contribution to this project.

Jayson Vazquez


Thank you!

We hope that you will enjoy this new action packed chapter in our journey and a big thank you to all our supporters for making this project possible ;)



Comments (4)

Wow. This game must be huge.

It's pretty big now yes and growing monthly. We have a very vast world, lots of characters, quests and we are getting close to having 100 interactive sex scenes in it. A lot of work went, and keeps going, into it. Hope you like it.

@SirSaintStudios @PGSPOTSTUDIOS It sounds amazing. What all platforms will you be putting the game on?

The game is already available for direct download here, on our own website and on our Patreon. The game currently is not featured on any other platform. I hope you will enjoy the gameplay ;)

@SirSaintStudios @PGSPOTSTUDIOS @PGSPOTSTUDIOS I'll definitely give it a play.

Could you please make a version for linix computers.

Currently we are struggling with just PC & Mac. Plus we are swamped with switching away from Flash. Maybe in 2021 if our support base increases.