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The Legend of LUST - Into the Wastelands update released!

Posted by PGSPOTSTUDIOS - 1 month ago

Hello NG community!

We are happy to inform you that we have released a brand new update for our game The Legend of LUST and that it is now available for download.

The Legend of LUST

This is the standard version, not our Patron only version of the game of course. The standard version is free to download and play. It is still the full game, the only difference is that you won't have access to the Patron extras and rewards. The Patron extras consist in things like extra options/animations in the various sex scenes that you will encounter in the game. These options are marked by the old Patron logo which looks like the @ symbol but with a "p" inside instead of an "a".

Update content notes:


New Cut-scene + Sex Scene: Lucy & Lust

This new sex scene will be available at the end of the update itself.

It features a short hot cut-scene introduction on top of the actual sex scene itself.

We don't want to spoil its content so we will just let you try it out once you reach it.

Sex Scene: Part 2 of Hottie Bondage

Hottie Bondage is available in the Onyx Dungeon by clicking on the animated chains hanging from the ceiling.

Part 2 comes with a brand new set of anal animations. These new animations come with a new set of sound effects mainly dedicated to the anal penetration itself.

It also features some extra re-working we have done on Hottie's boobs. Both design and animation wise. We have also introduced some extra customization options for Hottie's boobs as now you will be able to add veins on her boobs. Veins come in 3 different color variations effectively creating 4 options, one of course being no veins.

We have also added some extra accessories, a blindfold and ankle cuffs, that can be removed by clicking on them.

Last but definitely not least, we have a new Patron only feature that really took some hardship to complete, the dual dick function. This function will allow Lust to have 2 dicks. This function works for both pussy and anal penetration.

Part 3, the final expansion for this scene, will be released with the next update and it will feature, among other things, cumshot options and a new Patron only function that will allow Lust to duplicate himself. Yes, that means a potential total of 4 dicks at once for Hottie.

PS we found a small error in this part 2 scene. Nothing major, just a layer issue regarding the small intro at the beginning that makes the dick invisible. This error has been corrected in the special edition as well as in the sex archive. Since it is not a major problem, we will upload the corrected version to the main game in the next update. Sorry about the inconvenience.

New Areas

This update comes with several new areas that will see us traveling from the Sun Capital to the Lost Territories and then continue onto the Wastelands.

It is comprised by a total of 5 new screens/areas as well as some mods to previously existing ones.

The Journey to the Wastelands

To start the journey, after the meeting with the Sun Empress Claudia and Senator Pilatus, go to the Palace's Guest Bedroom and sleep. This will be followed by a new dialogue with the Noble Hostess that will spawn a carriage at the Oasis just outside the Sun Capital. The carriage will be your means of travel.

Noble Hostess upgrade

The Noble Hostess will now feature new dialogue options. On top of activating the sex scene and ending the dialogue you can now also ask her to escort you to your guest room.

Story-line progression

On top of traveling to the Wastelands, we have also included various dialogues that will give us some extra info. From front line updates to some info regarding the Wastelands themselves.


We hope that you will enjoy the game and should you wish to support this project (which receives monthly updates with new content) as well as gaining access to the various Patron perks (check out our reward system for more details) you are more than welcome to do so as it is only thanks to the support of our Patrons that we can keep working on this game and create new content monthly.

Thank you for following our work and enjoy the new content ;)

PS we are working on releasing our 1st Mac build. Currently we are testing this 1st Mac build and figuring out how to fix the various issues we encounter. We will keep you updated on this development.



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gracias por sexy

Thank you PoReyes ;)