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The Legend of LUST new update released!

Posted by PGSPOTSTUDIOS - December 17th, 2018

Hello NG community ;)

Today we have just released the last new The Legend of LUST update for 2018.
In this new update we have spent a lot of time designing the new capital city players will be able to visit in the continuation of The Legend of LUST's storyline. The Capital City of the Empire of the Sun, is by far the largest place we have ever designed in the game and with this update we wanted to give people an idea of the huge size of some of the places we aim at designing in this game. A whole world full of majestic cities and vast wilderness areas to explore and conquer.

If you wish to check out this new update, you may download it for free on our website www.pgspotstudios.com
or via the link below:
Download - TheLegendofLUST - full game

If you already are one of our Patrons, or if you wish to support this project, visit our Patreon page where you can download the Patron version of the game.

Last but not least, for the 1st time we are releasing what was up to now a Patron only code. You may enter this code via the main menu of the game and it will allow you to skip the first part of the game all the way to the Valley of Pleasures. This should be of particular use to those of you who have already played the game a number of times.
Enter Code: Pleasure

We hope you will enjoy the new update and Merry Xmas to everyone ;)


Comments (2)

Animations and battle that uses adobe flash player scenes lags for me

Hi Ningen,
you could try to play a bit with the settings of your graphics card as well as in game, like turning off after effects. Also closing power hungry background applications might help.

After i download the game i ran the file at the start there was black screen and i have read disclaimer and continue button and there's download adobe flash on top left of the screen after i click continue the screen is still black with skip button (i know that i need adobe flash player opera and chromium version for animations and sceen's and intro) after i click skip i takes me to menu other then menu is black screen. So after i download adobe flash player opera and chromium version and install it after that i start the game again intro starts but its taking 1-3 seconds for the animation to move. Sex sceen's and battle's that uses adobe flash player opera and chromium version are like that too but things that dosen't use adobe flash player opera and chromium version runs fine. For an example take the place when u start a new game the hell girl talks to u (tutorial) the place with buttons with settings sleep button and go to dungeon ego chamber. So only sex sceen's and battles or other animations that uses adobe flash player opera chromium version lags for me. Also i dont have any other applications or back ground applications other then my browser open. Also are there are any effects in animations and battles to adjust?

Hi Ningen,
sorry to hear that.
The flash animations are very complex and when running via the Unity beta module that we are using, they tend to be pretty power hungry in regards to graphics.
The better the machine and the more power the graphic card has available the better they will run.
As an alternative, you might be interested in checking out the Sex Archive we have available via Patreon. There we have created an online and purely flash collection of the game's sex scenes + Patron content. Performance is excellent.