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The Legend of LUST - Unity Alpha 0.4.1 - Download

Posted by PGSPOTSTUDIOS - October 19th, 2017

Hi everyone,

today we are releasing the download link to the alpha 0.4.1 Unity version of our game the Legend of LUST!

the Legend of LUST - Cover

This update is literally massive, by far the biggest ever released and features a lot of new functions.

It is an Alpha and requires some fixing, but we are already working on em and we are releasing patches for various fixes.

- If you wish to try out the new Unity version of the game, you can download it here: The Legend of LUST - Alpha 0.4.1
(Once you have downloaded the game and extracted it, please read the "Run_Game_Instructions.txt" file before launching the game)

- If you missed the last flash update that we posted here on NG (the one just before what we just released) you can play it by clicking on the following linkThe Legend of LUST - Double Penetration (8th update)

If you have issues or you are uncertain about something, check out our "how to" posts here: How To

We are very excited about this release, it opens a bunch of new possibilities and it will allow us to finally move into new realms. We hope that you will like the new stuff ^^

Last but not least, we are planning on releasing the 1st new realm between the end of this month and the 1st week of November (will be released on our Patreon page 1st, but as always, eventually we will post something here on NG as well).

Have a great day everyone!
Cheers ;)

Comments (6)

Fullscreen please? Also the backgrounds run in 60 fps for me while the actual sex animations run in about 10 or less.

Hi Casual,
the animations should actually be running at 30 fps.
Do you have the latest direct x and did you install the correct flash player?
Full screen is something that we are already looking into.

how do i play this on a mac?

Hi Hank,
have you tried with winebottler? It allows a Mac to run .exe files

I'm a little dissapointed of how fast the history goes in this update. Personally, I really enjoy the inicial path on the last update before this one. where you have to fight and train. And after the solo trial when you fight on your own, Hottie ask you to fuck her.

In this update she just say that you can fuck her anytime after doing some basic stuff, I hope this is happening only because is an Alpha and all of the dialogues and plot are simplified to test bugs and compatibilities.

I must say, the thing that really caught my eye on this game was the way Hottie developed her lust on you. I wasn't expect she would let you fuck her after that solo trial when I play the game for the first time (It was on the update just before this one), and I really loved the way her first sex scene is done. The art is majestic, she looks really cute and hot.

(I don't know if this was intended but I leave my point anyway) I like the way she holds her pussy closed, like saying "I let you fuck my ass because I'm really horny now but you're not worthy of my pussy yet"

I even tought that in some form you could make her extremely horny and make her open her pussy and let you fuck her in Imp form, but that restriction is what makes the final reward more "hot".

Like some super hot girl that fucks only who she thinks are worthy of her and you have to make her beg for your cock and let her know who is the real demon of Lust.

Summary, I like the game, and I leave my opinion of what things makes this game erotic in my perspective and was a little left behind in this Unity Update.

Hi Malerion,
thank you for your feedback.
Yes your view on it is correct, creating a build up was our objective.
Since our first releases, we have received a lot of requests for a shorter tutorial phase.
Now we the new updates we had to present new features in the tutorial which would have made it longer... so we did some cuts here and there in order to include the main stuff while still shortening the overall length of the tutorial.
Now the build up is still there, Hottie still goes through 3 phases: nothing, some, all... as in the previews version of the tutorial, but it is not quite as pronounced.
So yeah, basically we are trying to find compromises based on the majority of requests/feedback that we get.
Anyway, we are happy to hear that you appreciated our original take on it and do not fear, there is a lot of new and cool stuff coming up that we hope you will enjoy.
Cheers ;)

Nice game but a bit boring imo. The sex scenes animations and mechanics are not anything above the average free hentai flash games on the net. It's good to see it has some RPG progression at least. And some variety. Do you plan to open all the realms and worlds?

Hi romeomustdie,
thanks for trying out our game. Any suggestions that would make it more interesting to you are welcomed.
Regarding new realms, yes, we are opening the 1st one in about a week.
Cheers ;)

I liked the various updates. However, None of the text boxes/buttons have text for me. So I am kinda blind most of the game.

Wow ok... sorry to hear that. That is the first report I saw of this kind so I am not sure why you are experiencing this problem. Have you tried doing a fresh download and reinstalling the correct flash player as indicated in the "RUN_GAME_INSTRUCTIONS.txt" file that comes with the game?

@PGSPOTSTUDIOS Yes. I followed everything has well as I possibly could to no avail

Hi Silentx,
we have uploaded a newer version recently which should have the text/button issue fixed. Also, we will be uploading a new update to the game this very week. (in a couple days)
Be sure to download the newer version, for example from our website pgspotstudios.com and it should work fine.