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The Legend of LUST - Limbo Citadel update!

Posted by PGSPOTSTUDIOS - October 17th, 2021

Hello NG Community,

here is the latest update for The Legend of LUST: Limbo Citadel!


Download links below:

The Legend of LUST - PC

The Legend of LUST - MAC

Update notes.

Changes to Enter Code: Destroyer

When entering the code Destroyer, Nemury will now be awarded with max attribute points ready to be spent.

Adult scene: Oral Sharing (Patron only)

Oral Sharing's second and final part is now in the game. This completes the oral scene featuring Hyperia and Hottie.

On top of coming with some new work being done on the graphics with some minor adjustments here and there, this final version now features a full set of dedicated sound effects.

In the game this scene can be accessed by clicking on Hyperia in the Spawning Den's Main Hall once Hyperia has been acquired.

Adult scene: From Behind

This is a new scene featuring Hottie and Lust both of which come with brand new models.

It comes with 7 animated sequences as well as 2 different positions with dedicated models and sound effects.

The scene will naturally occur during gameplay while a dialogue takes place.

Once the dialogue is complete, this scene can be replayed in a more complex and interactive version by clicking on Hottie.

Mission and battles

In this update we continue the mission we began in the last update.

Several battles await you as you make your way to the Limbo Citadel.

Remember to prepare well before starting the mission. Equip your gear, summoning items and Demonic Artifact. Spend your attribute points and use your elixirs.

You will have to create 2 parties and party member selection will play a big part in securing success, so choose carefully.

Last but not least, make sure to rest/sleep to fully regenerate your characters before heading out.

Limbo Citadel

We have created a new set of areas, one of which can be seen in the update's cover, to depict the Limbo Citadel.

We are quite happy with some of these new designs and we hope that you will like them.

The aim was to go for a feeling of dread and mystery, something a bit abstract, dark and undefinable.

New Boss Battle

This update comes with a new boss battle that comes comes with it's own AI.

This new battle comes with some improvements to the battle system mechanics as we have included a brand new and unique function which is expressed in a new type of skill.

Boss Intro cut-scene

To introduce this new boss we have create a new animated intro cut-scene.

We hope that you will like it.

Bug fixing & Improvements

As we try to do every month, we dedicated some time to improving the game and fixing some issues. We have worked on fixing various things giving priority to game breaking glitches. Things like removing some unnecessary buttons that when clicked at the wrong moment could create conflicts and therefore block progress. We have fixed some respawn bugs that would create errors and again block progress. We have inhibited certain functions that would unfortunately allow to skip essential parts of the game and so on.

We would like to thank all those of you that have reported some of these issues to us. A fresh set of eyes on a project of these proportions is valuable indeed. Thank you.

Patron Rewards

We don't normally include this in the update notes but this month is particular as it is one of the richest ever in terms of rewards.

So here we go, below is a full list of all the extra rewards that come with this update (some have already been released and are ready for download while the others will follow shortly).

Archivist lv Patrons

This month's Archive, which allows to play the Patron version of the Adult scenes by selecting them off of a menu and without having to go through the main game, comes with 2 entries: Oral Sharing (Hyperia and Hottie in Oral action) & From Behind (Hottie and Lust in some "from behind" action).

Collector lv Patrons

This month's Collection Package is quite big indeed in both terms of variety and volume.

We are looking at about 50 files featuring artwork such as the new areas we have designed as well as the new boss. Cover images and a full image set relative to the adult content of the update. New renditions of our main characters as well as new compositions featuring various characters and locations.

This level includes the Archivist rewards.

Demon lv Patrons

2 stand alone games which have already been released and are ready to be downloaded featuring the 2 new adult scenes Oral Sharing and From Behind.

The new HD-HotDrive-Pack which comes with 4 new cover images and 8 video clips.

This level includes both the Archivist & Collector rewards.

Honorary Team Members

A very Special Thanks goes to our Honorary Team Members


Gareth Rodgers

A sincere thank you to both of you for your generous contribution this month!

A big thank you to all our supporters, we hope that you will enjoy the new content and have a great Sunday;)




leaving this here so i can download it later

Enjoy ;)